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Our 2018 Winter Club Programme can be found here.

Pack Runs/Walks

A few reminders for our pack run/walks.

  • Please wear something reflective, i.e. belt or top for night training.
  • Where possible run on the left hand side of the road, no more than two abreast or preferably on the footpath.
  • Don’t forget to keep an eye on everyone in your group.
  • Please remember to put your name in the book. This helps us with future planning as well as being used for awarding points.

Pack run/walk etiquette

  • They are not races.
  • Keep behind the pack leader.
  • Stick together. If you get ahead of other runners/walkers do a loop to enable them to catch up.
  • Split up by arrangement between the leader and pack members rather than by dropping off a trail of stragglers.
  • It is the responsibility of all members to ensure that individual runners/walkers do not have to struggle home by themselves. Take your turn at accompanying slower runners/walkers home.

These guidelines ensure pack runs/walks are enjoyable for everyone.


Points are gained through regular attendance of club pack runs/walks and through participating in race events. Points awarded are shown by each event in the club calendar and programme. Members will be eligible for an additional three points for participating in up to three ANZ sanctioned events, either a half or full marathon, provided club uniform is worn and your name is in the finishing results. Only one set of points are awarded each weekend.

One point will be awarded for attending a Tuesday night or Saturday morning pack run/walk. Most runs commencing away from the clubrooms are worth 3 points.

Race points will be awarded based on sealed handicap or estimated time finishing order and factoring in numbers participating, i.e. the last finisher on handicap or furthest from their estimated time receives 4 points with each person ahead receiving another subsequent point. In a field of 5 the winner would receive 8 points.

To gain points you must put your name in the points book on the day you run/walk. If you overlook to add your name to the book on the relevant day points will not be allocated to you.

Club Singlets/Shorts

Official Club Singlets can be worn while either training or racing but must be worn at Championship and Inter-club events and we encourage members to wear them when ever they are racing. The singlet is to be worn with black or dark navy shorts. Frontrunner New Plymouth are the stockists of our club singlets.

In 2018 Club Training Singlets and Shirts will be offered, these do not form an alternate to our official singlet for racing but provide a convenient training shirt with reflective properties for pack runs and training sessions.



Key Club Contacts are:

President: Robbie Rawles – robertrawles@hotmail.com

Secretary: Lisa McCready – lisa@masters.co.nz

Club Captain: Steven Dickson – Steven.dickson@tsbbank.co.nz

Or send us a message on facebook!